I am an entrepreneur and businesswoman with nearly 20 years at the helm of many organizations - from small home-based businesses to multi-million dollar companies. In my professional career, I have worked in a variety of seemingly unrelated fields from construction to manufacturing to weddings to healthcare, gaining incredible experience and real successes. Throughout my career, I have been featured on television, magazines, and conferences. And if you love human metrics, you'll see in my personality test results below how that is possible for a person like me.

But it's not my achievements that make me a valued and knowledgeable teacher. It's my failures. After one such personal failing, I took time to solve the mystery of being cursed with great ideas but unable to realize their full potential. And during a two year period, I discovered I was the architect behind my self-sabotage. And that is the moment I knew what my true purpose is in life which was to teach others the impacts of trauma on our adult lives.

Today, through my study in the fields of psychology and self-improvement, I bring a thought-provoking harmony of practical strategies with the underlying drives that affect people and their business success. I believe now is the time for transformational and trauma informed leadership. 

Antioch University - Seattle

M.A. Environment & Community, 2003

Kansas State University

B.S. Architectural Engineering, 1995

Life Coach

Transformation Academy, 2019

Business & Entrepreneurship Coach

Transformation Academy, 2019

Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach

Transformation Academy, 2019

The Maverick

Predictive Index

Very High D, High Average I

The DiSC Index

Activity Girl, LLC | Owner

2017 - Present

  • Business Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker

  • Multimedia Production (online courses, podcasts, video, books)

Alliance Nursing | Director of Recruiting

2018 - 2021

  • C-Level executive responsible for the strategic planning and design of newly formed Recruiting and Retention division for company of 150 employees

Woodland Meadow Farms, LLC | Co-Owner

2012 - 2018

Omega Architectural Products | General Manager

2014 - 2016

  • Started as Director of Business Development and developed off-shoot business unit called surfaceLAB

  • Promoted to General Manager of multi-million dollar custom products manufacturer

Tiger Mountain Innovations | CEO

2003 - 2011

  • Inventor of recycled-content building material known as "Squak Mountain Stone"

  • Established nationwide distribution & dealer network

  • Responsible for all aspects of the business from finances to production & manufacturing, human resources, to business development & marketing

Tiger Mountain Consulting | CEO

2002 - 2003

  • Worked with municipalities and agencies to develop sustainable standards and policies

  • Performed market research, lead collaborative meetings, framed policy language and presented it to stakeholders


If you're looking for a less business-y run down on who I am, what I stand for and more, check out my other website.


It's the fun one. 


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