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Business Woman by Day. Self-Help Vigilante by Night...

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I am not like most business coaches you're used to working with. I've had an amazing & thrilling life with lots of learning experiences along the way. 


During my "day job" - I wear the cape of a small business superhero alter ego that pays the bills and puts food on the table for me and my two teenagers. I'm a single mom who knows what it's like to be driven to be self-employed but also know how downright scary it is at the same time!  That's why I am passionate about helping every woman (and man) who is trying to do their own thing & start their own business get the help and support they need. 


While I work with a lot of "Main Street" types of business, many of my clients are actually solopreneurs and run their empires from their kitchen tables. And these folks also know they need business a help but can't always afford it. I totally get that. Which is why I offer the special services that I do.

Now that you've met ACTIVITY GIRL, let me tell you about my other passions - what I do in my "free time" when I'm not cleaning up after teenagers or hanging out with my friends enjoying a margarita or crisp dirty vodka martini in my lovely, cozy little town of Snohomish, Washington. 


I really care about people - in particular adults a bit like me who are doing their best but want to be even better. So, while I wish I was a rich billionaire with a "bat cave", when I'm not flying around as ACTIVITY GIRL, saving the day for small business owners, I have an amazing podcast show called One Broken Mom.  On my show,  I share personal stories as well as speak to some of the leading experts as it relates to self-improvement, neuroscience, psychology and the impacts of adverse childhood experiences on us today as parents, adults & business people. Pretty deep at times but my sincere hope is to help people in any way I can. 


If you have the time, I hope you check it out. www.ameequiriconi.com 



Snohomish, Washington

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