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Getting into a habit of "venting" or complaining about other people can have a larger negative impact on your life than you think.

Because we think that venting is necessary for good mental health, it is generally socially acceptable. However, chronic venting may actually be a sign of deep-seated issues that are truly holding you back from a fulfilling life.

Learn why we "vent", wh...

Feeling trapped by choices that seem opposed to one another? Sometimes taking a different look at a problem can not only help you solve it but unleash many more opportunities for you that you never imagined. Used in consensus building, business and life, the "wicked question" is a simple yet effective means of breaking away from thinking that all decisions are black and white.


This past summer, I was able to finally get out of "analysis paralysis" and start a podcast.

My biggest fear was spending too much on equipment and then not understanding how to properly use it - thereby frustrating me to quit. I have a ZOOM mic I bought for my iPhone that did that to me. It's for sale, by the way...

So, compelled by listening to marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuck, I...

Yes, I know the saying goes “Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget” but even buying a bottle of cheap “Beer” implies you have money to spend! In the world of mico-business, even cheap beer, like professional marketing help, can be a foregone luxury.

But, you also know that marketing is not a luxury you can give up – especially when finances are low. So, what’s a broke or money-con...

Disbelief, confusion, and an anger that made her whole body shake is how Mary*, a private consultant in Seattle, described the moment she realized someone had stolen her business name.

On the other hand, Brittany*, who has a housecleaning business in Everett, had a slightly different reaction. “I felt both incredibly irritated and flattered at the same time. I had worked for a cou...

You feel it in your gut.

The idea for the next big product or the best way to deliver a service that you’ve been obsessing over for months or maybe even years is simply too good to not do. And now you’re ready to jump and become a bona fide entrepreneur.

And what’s even better is that all of your friends think it’s amazing too. With that kind of affirmation, how can it fail?

Whoa th...

The pain is real.

Despite how badly I want to stuff in a bunch of statistics about the importance of blogging in an inbound marketing strategy so that you, small business super hero, understand that you have to do it, I’ll resist.

We ALL struggle with this. And padding my article with percentages, testimonials or an infographic so that I look smart is not going to eliminate the r...

When I started my company Tiger Mountain Innovations in 2002, I devoted a great deal of time and energy to understanding my craft and product development for Squak Mountain Stone. It was an appropriate use of my mental energy because I, at that time, was inventing a product and a process that didn't exist until then.

But after the primary research and development was done, I now h...

The "Elevator Pitch"? Have you heard of it? It's origin is in the idea that if you were some lowly employee or start-up business and you ended up in an elevator with the CEO of your company or possible investor, you had only 30 seconds to "pitch" your great idea to them and win their approval. Easy, right? 

Well, in truth, many of the small businesses aren't riding in elevato...

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