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For organizations who are ready to take it all the way and want the help of implementing a comprehensive trauma informed strategy, Activity Girl, LLC is here for you. 

Full-service consulting services are the blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis, creativity, and collaboration. And Activity Girl's role is not just as your consultant but also your organization's teacher.  We will help you and your staff gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to not only analyze your company through a trauma informed perspective, but set you up to learn to design, implement, maintain and champion the new direction all on your own. 

Activity Girl's entire process is based on principles of sustainability and autonomy. Therefore, the focus on "co-creation" helps reinforce learning but also provides your organization the freedom and flexibility to continue to grow and evolve as needed. 


Like a good doctor, becoming an expert in your organization is key to learning what your company needs before recommending any strategies or changes. 


This is done by reviewing current practices, conducting interviews, and looking at current measurements and data.


At the end of this phase, Activity Girl, LLC will present recommendations on where trauma informed practices should be integrated and suggestions for who should be on the Design & Deploy Team(s).


The Design phase involves looking at how trauma informed or trauma sensitive practices can be integrated and how they will be done. Additionally, the internal communication  plan will be created to help increase enthusiasm and lower the risks of apathy or rejection by employees.


Finally, this phase includes creating the on-going monitoring strategies as well as the metrics that will be used to help understand if and when changes are necessary plus to let everyone know when the team is winning.


At the Deploy phase, your new trauma informed practices are implemented across the organization in areas like hiring and talent optimization, performance review processes, staff and team meetings, conflict resolution, retention programs, and learning & professional development programs.

After deployment, programs are monitored and additional coaching is provided to help with fine-tuning as well as ensuring new skills are being practiced and your results are achieved.

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Contact us if you would like to set up a Zoom call to talk about your organization and find out if Activity Girl, LLC can help you out.  We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with a No Obligation/Hassle Free estimate of our fees.