High Fives

Organizational & Executive Coaching

Organizational and Executive Coaching for the key leaders in your organization allows for the real learning to begin. 

Working with Activity Girl through coaching helps put into practice what your leaders have learned and apply this knowledge to themselves and to the ways they conduct business. Through this, they will gain greater self-awareness and increased emotional intelligence. 

Coaching is also priming the leadership team for the next step of applying trauma informed practices throughout the company and having the solid footing themselves to lead the transformation due to their personal, directly relevant experiences. This also helps build trust with employees by demonstrating they are leaders who are "walking the talk." 

Activity Girl offers 3-month or 6-month contracts for leaders in your organization who have completed the Becoming Trauma Informed workshops and training.

“People will entrust their hopes and dreams to another person only if they think the other is a reliable vessel.”

― Bill George, Authentic Leadership: Rediscovering the Secrets to Creating Lasting Value