Small business owners are scrappy, inventive, impulsive and stubbornly independent. 


Which is why ACTIVITY GIRL loves them! 


However, this impetuous personality often leads to a Ready! Fire! Aim! marketing approach - which can be quite costly when it's all said and done due to spending money and time in the wrong areas at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. 


But small business owners are notoriously concerned about the perceived high costs associated with hiring marketing professionals and will resist it for as long as possible - relying on mentoring or advice from peers or simply copying what they see others in their field do - whether its the right approach for them or not. But ACTIVITY GIRL coaching can be an affordable option to get big results. 


ACTIVITY GIRL uses a range of skills and small business experience to help business owners shift their perspectives about marketing and thereby discover different approaches to achieve their goals. This can involve listening to a client, asking questions and ultimately helping them form a goal. Then, from that point,  ACTIVITY GIRL can help draft up a strategy that the client will implement on their own.


Finally, on a regular basis, ACTIVITY GIRL will engage with the client to discuss the client's progress, successes and failures and provide course re-direction and insight. This can be done monthly or weekly for sessions that are 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the client's budget, needs, and goals. 


And in the end, ACTIVITY GIRL is able to demystify marketing, branding, and sales so that clients become empowered and confident in being able to steer the future of their business.


Coaching sessions are flexible and can be done via phone conference (


Limited Availability!

Due to Ameé's schedule, coaching is offered in extremely limited availability. She specializes in working with women-owned businesses as well as wedding venue owners.  Use the Contact Form to inquire about availabilty.

$150/Hour session

$200/90 minute session

What's It Gonna Cost Me? 

Snohomish, Washington

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