Starting a Podcast the Cheap & Easy Way



This past summer, I was able to finally get out of "analysis paralysis" and start a podcast.


My biggest fear was spending too much on equipment and then not understanding how to properly use it - thereby frustrating me to quit. I have a ZOOM mic I bought for my iPhone that did that to me. It's for sale, by the way...


So, compelled by listening to marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuck, I finally said "F*&#@ it!" and started at it.


I had already bought my Snowball iCE condenser microphone because I was going voice-overs for business videos and I was also pretty decently versed in using video audio software such as Sony Vegas and WeVideo. Therefore, I was feeling confident I could pull this off with little additional investment.


I recorded about (6) episodes and started a podcast called Wedding Venue Business Radio on Buzzsprout. The podcast is a companion to the short book I wrote about renting rural and farm properties out as wedding venues (because, duh, that's something I know a bit about.) And, I gotta say, was pretty impressed with the sound quality of the overall production. 


My recording studio is literally my desk at home with zero sound proofing. On my podcast, I even point out to my listeners that they will, on occasion hear the background sounds one might expect on a farm, like a tractor or our donkey! But in the end, even those sounds weren't ever really bleeding through. 


If you want to see how easy it is, just click the Video Link and I'll walk you through the steps. And to be honest - after having done several episodes already - I don't think I will be changing the arrangement any time soon! 

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November 22, 2017

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