The Tyranny of The "Or"


Feeling trapped by choices that seem opposed to one another? Sometimes taking a different look at a problem can not only help you solve it but unleash many more opportunities for you that you never imagined. Used in consensus building, business and life, the "wicked question" is a simple yet effective means of breaking away from thinking that all decisions are black and white.


Small and micro-sized businesses have to be especially scrappy when it comes to finite resources - such as time and money. And it's easy to get trapped into making decisions based on comparing options against one another.


For example, deciding that you can do something OR you can't. So, learning how to develop a mindset that involves asking the "Wicked Question" can prove to not only be financially beneficial to a small business but unlock a new way of thinking that can be profound in many ways.


Watch to see how I applied the "wicked question" in my decision to squeeze a workout in a busy morning schedule and how you can learn to use it too. 

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November 22, 2017

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