Ameé is as comfortable in a room of hundreds as well as one-on-one. In fact, speaking is one of the most natural things she does.


She brings a light-hearted approach to her presentations but it is her innate emotional intelligence that makes her not just a speaker but a gifted and adaptable communicator. 


Ameé is comfortable with or without technology and responds well to the dynamics of a group, evolving her delivery as she goes, ensuring she has captured the attention and engagement of the attendees.


With experience ranging from small classes to large conference panels, Ameé is a true professional and understands the flexibility required as a presenter. 

Topics Include:

  • ​Woman-Owned Businesses

  • ​Entrepreneurship & Small Business Skills

  • Podcasting

  • Self-Development & Self-Help

  • Trauma-Informed Parenting

  • Motivational

  • Childhood Trauma & Understanding the Brain

  • Relationships, Dating & Marriage

Co-founded by Ameé, The LeadHERship Collaborative is a business and personal development workshop series that brings together experts and women entrepreneurs in day-long classroom settings.


The focus is to present tangible business strategies and skills through the lens of understanding of what unique hurdles and messages in society affect women business owners. 

Snohomish, Washington

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